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Locations we have trained:

Dent-Cents Dental Coaching and Training

We have trained thousands of team members in North America

Dental Practice Training

Locations we have trained:


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Toronto, ON

Brampton, ON

North York, ON

Oakville, ON

Mississauga, ON

Burlington, ON

Bowmanville, ON

Maple, ON

Woodbridge, ON

Hamilton, ON

Maple, ON

Milton, ON

Niagara Falls, ON

Etobicoke, ON

London, ON

Scarborough, ON

Brooklyn, ON

Guelph, ON

Kitchener, ON

Burkburnett, TX

Madison, WI

Dallas, TX

Yuma, AZ

West Virginia

Miami, FL

Charlotte, SC

Atlanta, GA

Columbus, OH

Minneapolis, MN

Detroit, MI

Reno, NV

Boston, MA

Albuquerque, NM

Halifax, NS

Columbus, OH

Salt Lake City, UT

Waterloo, ON

Fleming Island, FL

Nokesville, VA

Fredericton, NB

Kingston, ON

Ottawa, ON

Moncton, NB 

Mexico City, MX


Angie Drinic BA


Angie Drinic is the founder of Dent-Cents; she has been in the dental field for over 40 years. After earning her BA in Business Administration, She attended Western State College of Law with a focus on medical and dental malpractice; she has continued to advise Dentists and multi-dental practices ever since relocating to Canada in 1992.

She is currently on her way to receiving her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Certificate, which will enhance her ability to serve her clients by adding one more facet.

Her success as a practice advisor is attributed to her ability to motivate Dentist and their team members to perform at their highest level.  Her knowledge of patient psychology, case presentation, insurance billing and treatment acceptance is what propels her clients to achieve higher yearly production, collections and an unlimited New Patient increase year after year


Many Dentists praise her ability to teach team members how to interact with patients and make a long-lasting impression to convert patients into loyal patients that promote and grow the practice. 


Angie has provided training to many offices in the USA, Canada and Mexico, increasing their Production, New Patient flow and Team Productivity.


She has aided and led many seminars for social media marketing, leadership, and management.



Dr. Pallak Razdan


Dr. Pallak is an enthusiastic, dedicated, passionate and experienced dental surgeon. Highly motivated team player with patient management experience, problem-solving and analytical abilities. She is a dental blog writer with strong communication and people skills. She is also an excellent ambassador in advancing the dental profession.

Dr. Pallak is here to help grow your practice through better patient engagement and an excellent social media presence.

You will find her to be kind, patient and very enthusiastic about empowering the growth of your practice.

 Dent-Cents News

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Our philosophy is to train your team through motivation, appreciation and positive reinforcement. We believe in treating your team with respect and cooperation for long-lasting results long after we are gone. For every problem, challenge and situation you face, Dent-Cents will help you find the solution to conquer it. Over the past 25 years, Dent-Cents has compiled and refined dozens of step-by-step customized training programs to help our clients implement their practice through one-on-one advising on-site.

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Financial Practice Increase

  • How to make financial arrangements with patients

  • How to collect at the time-of-service

  • How to switch to an all-cash or boutique practice

  • How to deal with difficult insurance companies

  • How to reduce your overhead, manage your spending and pay off your bills

  • How to get more case acceptance

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